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ADD:Address:8/F, 4 Building, No 62, Guanggu Road, Optical Valley Headquarters International, East Lake development zone, Wuhan, China 430074
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In July 2008, Wuhan Nanrui Electric Co., Ltd was founded on July 1, 2008, located in Optics Valley Wuhan Hubei, the factory occupies an area of 1035 square meters;
In October 2010, our company trademark     NANR    was officially approved by the National Trademark Office and a trademark registration certificate was issued.
In March 2011, the annual sales of NRHLY series high-precision contact resistance tester, exceeded 200 sets March, the resolution of this series instrument reach to 0.01 micro-ohm, the stability and repeatability belong to the leading domestic level;
In September 2011, the 3-phase and 6-phase microcomputer-based relay protection tester independently developed and produced by our company in September was put on the market. The performance complies with industry standards, and customer feedback is good;
In 2012, our company was awarded two patents of invention, DC High Voltage Generator (also called DC Hipot Test Set) with Patent No.: ZL 2012 2 0391370.9, and High Voltage Divider with Patent No.: ZL 2012 2 0355014.1;
In January 2012, our company developed the DC resistance tester, the accuracy can reach 0.1 level, the measuring range can be from1Ato100Awith nine kinds of specifications, its repeatability and stability reached domestic leading level;
In May 2012, our company successfully developed a three-channel transformer DC resistance tester with accuracy of 0.2, with a total of 9 specifications ranging from 1a to 100A, and the repeatability and stability reached the domestic leading level;
In April 2013, our company was awarded as a “Contract Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise in Wuhan” by Wuhan City Administration for Industry and Commerce;
In May 2013, the 800kV pulse voltage divider independently developed by our company passed the calibration in National Center for High Voltage Measurement, and the calibration certificate number is 201330069;
In 2014, our company researched and developed NRV series high voltage probes can test voltage up to 400KV, the test capacity of impulse voltage is 550KV, the overall bandwidth can be up to 8MHz. For now, Wuhan NANR Electric Co., LTD is the only one manufacturer with the capacity to produce 60kV-400kV high voltage probes in China;
NANR-LOGO(PNG)From 2014 to 2015, our company researched and developed the product of NR-PD 300KV DC high voltage divider had been accredited by National Center for High Voltage Measurement, the accuracy has been up to 0.1%, which is the highest precision in the industry, it fully proved our strength in the field of high voltage testing equipment;
In 2015, our registered trademark           was awarded as “famous brand in Wuhan” by Wuhan administration of industry and commerce;
In October 2015, our company was certified by China Quality Certification Center (CQC) to obtained the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification.
NRSTARIn May 2016, our company was identified as the "Observing Contract And Credit Enterprise In Wuhan" by the Wuhan City Administration for Industry and Commerce, Wuhan Social Credit System Construction Leading Group Office and Wuhan Spiritual Civilization Construction Steering Committee Office;
In March 2016, the company's trademark          was officially approved by the National Trademark Office and a trademark registration certificate was issued;
In 2017, NRXZ Series Resonant Withstand Voltage Test Set and NRZV Series Leakage Current Tester for Water Cooled Generator which is researched and developed by our company in 2016 had been granted the "Design Patent Certificate" by the State Intellectual Property Office. The patent number of NRXZ is “ZL 2016 3 0485826.1”, the patent number of NRZV is “ZL 2016 3 0554223.2”;
In 2018, Our company designed and researched new type DC high voltage generator (intelligent DC high voltage generator) awarded the patent certificate issued by State Intellectual Property Office. The patent number is “ZL 2018 2 1598949.6”;
In 2020, due to the requirement of business promotion, our company name “Wuhan Nanrui Electric Co., Ltd” had updated as Wuhan NANR Electric Co., Ltd. in 2020, our business and development model remain unchanged. After changing company name, we have more market vitality and brand effect.;
In December 2020, our company was awarded High-tech Enterprise Certificate by Hubei Science and Technology Department, Hubei Finance Department and Hubei Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation.