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Recruit Principle:
Accept with the company culture, ability oriented, and prove competence and potential by performance; opportunities, rewards and honors are inclined to the employees with ability and sense of responsibility;
Employee Promotion:
The company will promote employees who are identified with corporate culture, dedication, and have sufficient ability to complete the challenge tasks and take responsibility; employees win the trust of the organization through virtue, loyalty and ability.
Salary Rules:
Salary is based on position value, performance contribution and market value, and salary changes with position change, bonus distribution is linked with department and individual performance, and incentive policy is inclined to excellent teams and employees;
Requirements of Managers:
They are honest and upright, with the overall situation in mind; set an example to practice the corporate culture; have crisis awareness and the courage to take responsibility; implement strategy, overall planning, create value and excellent performance; have learning ability and self-criticism spirit; cultivate team and build platform; people-oriented and motivate employees.