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NRP Series Impulse Voltage Divider

PD Free Voltage Divider is mainly used for PD free testing system to measure AC voltage or gather partial discharge voltage signals. Compared with ordinary voltage divider, FRP series PD free voltage divider has the following differences:
● They both can measure high voltage, but ordinary divider cannot measure PD free voltage;
● The capacitance of ordinary divider is small (less than 500pF), but PD free voltage divider has larger capacitance, generally 600 ~ 1000pF.
● The ordinary divider is dry-type medium with smaller volume and lighter weight, and the measuring accuracy is usually better than PD free voltage divider.
● The ordinary divider is usually used alone, but PD free voltage divider is generally used in conjunction with PD free power.

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NRP series impulse voltage divider (also known as pulse divider), it is a weak damping and other equipotential shielded high-pressure measurement system, is mainly used for lightning wave measurement, including lightning full-wave, 8 / 20us wave and other lightning waveforms. It’s a special voltage divider for lighting waveform. With characteristics of simple operate, intuitive display, high precision, small size and light weight. It can be applied to the type test of primary equipment of power grid (such as the lightning steep wave test of Zinc Oxide surge arrester, lighting full-wave test of voltage transformer, lighting full-wave test of high-voltage switch, the type test of substation main transformer, high-voltage GIS test and so on). It is an ideal equipment for the lightning wave measurement in substation, high- voltage electrical equipment manufacturers and high-voltage laboratory.